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Tutorial Assistance Network!


The Tutorial Assistance Network (TAN) team is dedicated to retaining and graduating Alabama A & M University students. We provide tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) to help students:
       - increase their understanding of course materials;
       - increase their performance in their courses;
       - improve their academic performance; and
       - network with other students in their subject area.

Tutorial sessions are free to any undergraduate AAMU student.
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Schedule A Tutoring Appointment

Use GradesFirst system to schedule your tutorial appointments.

Step 1: Log in to Grades First using the username and password emailed to you.

Step 2: Schedule a tutor by selecting the Schedule Tutor Appointment link in the Take Action column to the right of the course for which you want tutoring.

Step 3: Select a location, date, time and tutor for the course. If no locations are available, it means no tutors are available for your course.

Step 4: If a time is shown as open, click on the time to schedule that date and time for a tutorial session. Note: If a time is labeled as drop-in, you may visit the tutor without an appointment.

Step 5: Email the TAN Program Specialist at if you need additional assistance. 

What is SI (Supplemental Instruction)?
Fall 2017 SI Schedule (Coming Soon!)

Why Should You Attend SI?
- Regular SI session participants usually improve their course grades by one or more letter grades.
SI is a place to network and form study groups.
- SI sessions are informal.

- SI learning can help you learn how to study better for your courses.

Steps To Obtaining Your GradesFirst Account

 Complete ALLthe steps below to activate your GradesFirst account. 
  1. Verify that your student Bulldog email is activated and that you are able to log in and access your emails in your student bulldog email.
  2. Complete and submit this GradesFirst Activation. Request Form. GradesFirst Activation Request Form
  3. Email from your student Bulldog email with your Banner ID, first and last name, cell phone number and a picture of your face only (selfie) to be added to your GradesFirst profile.


Picture Requirements:

a. No hats or objects covering your head.

b. No side profiles. Front facing pictures of your FACE.

c. Do not cut off parts of your head or hair.

d. No offensive language on clothing.

​Thank you for choosing TAN!





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English Online Tutorial Resources

Math Online Tutorial Resources


Contact TAN

Linda Skeete McClellan, M.S.
Program Specialist
276 Councill Hall
Normal, AL 35762
Office Hours:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm